Have you ever asked yourself -

How do commercial elevators make money when I produce the product and I have my own bins?


AgPerspective, a family owned commodities business, would like to introduce you to our consulting program

AgPerspective Consulting

  AgPerspective Consulting pairs producers with our market analysts, grain merchandisers, and crop insurance experts to develop a personalized risk management plan. The consulting components include:

  • Crop Insurance
  • Government Programs
  • Grain Marketing
  • Grain Asset Management

There are no guarantees for success in farming. By engaging in the strategic, comprehensive consulting program, we look to minimize risk, decrease volatility and ultimately improve our clients’ financial health.


Crop Insurance
Crop insurance is a very important tool and selecting the proper policy coverage is vital. Equally important is understanding and implementing the crop insurance policy into a grain marketing plan. Crop insurance forms the foundation of our clients’ marketing plans. All other marketing and hedging strategies are built upon the crop insurance foundation. Our Account Representatives and Brokers excel at incorporating crop insurance into the grain marketing plan.

Grain Marketing Plan
Market fluctuations create both risk and opportunity. Using crop insurance as a foundation we create a marketing plan that utilizes various types of futures, options and cash contracts to both mitigate the risk and capture the profits that market fluctuations create. Communication is vitally important to making the marketing plan a success. We utilize the latest in technology to communicate with our clients; however our individualized marketing plans require a high level of one on one interaction in order to be successful.

Government Programs

The United States Government provides or subsidizes many risk management tools available to farmers. When properly combined, they provide a safety net, which can be used as the basis for other risk management strategies. Our Account Representatives educate on how various federal farm programs function and provide advice on which ones are most beneficial.

Grain Asset Management

In recent years, growers have increasingly added grain storage to their farm operations. In order to maximize this investment, we help the grower trade like a commercial grain merchandiser and understand such things as trading basis and managing spreads. In many cases, our clients have built the grain elevator, and our role is to add the expertise needed to achieve greater success. Our staff is well schooled in the art of grain merchandising and we provide an UNBIASED opinion of the local market place.