Grain Marketing Consulting

Streamline your decision-making process and add discipline to your grain marketing.  Our consultants work directly with clients analyzing their risk, developing a marketing strategy, identifying price targets and executing hedges using an expanded marketing tool-kit.  We provide specific recommendations aimed at seizing opportunities to increase price protection at profitable levels while maintaining upside.  Our recommendations span at least three crop years as we work to build a forward position over time.  We manage hedges through harvest to take advantage of basis opportunities or market carry to maximize your return on investment in on-farm storage.  We are risk managers – not risk takers.  We maintain constant contact with our clients providing market insight and hedging advice.  We earn our customers trust and work hard to keep it.

Leverage cash grain contracts to make options a part of your marketing strategy.  Avoid tying up cash in brokerage positions you can’t readily convert into grain contracts.  AgPerspective’s market experts use options in conjunction with cash grain contracts to provide you a simpler, more seamless means to incorporate them into a comprehensive marketing strategy. 

Expand your opportunities through AgPerspective’s relationships with commercials and end-users in your region.  AgPerspective’s staff of seasoned grain merchandisers maintain professional relationships with commercials and end-users across a 3-state area to guarantee our customers have access to the best markets available.  We present your grain to the market the way a commercial would, and we pass the benefit on to you.  Since AgPerspective does not handle physical grain, we are able to provide you unbiased market opinions and advice.  We work from your side of each transaction negotiating basis and delivery on your behalf.  Whenever possible, we pool our customers’ bushels to offer greater volume in return for a better cash bid.

Hedge through AgPerspective and deliver anywhere at no cost.  We are grain dealers – not grain handlers.  None of our customers’ grain comes to AgPerspective.  Instead, we offer clients a way to centralize and manage hedges they can deliver anywhere, anytime.  They avoid committing hedged bushels to a single grain company and retain the freedom and flexibility to take advantage of the best cash bids at the time of delivery. 

Access a broad range of support through a single point of contact.  AgPerspective’s business model offers clients an opportunity to centralize some, most or all their hedges through us.  We help manage each client’s overall position, including contracts with other commercials and end users.  Many of our customers place great value in having the ability to access multiple delivery locations via one call to a single point of contact who works for them and knows their operation.  When grain needs to move, we make the calls and seek out the best options available to the producer.  When they deliver, they deliver under our name.  The grain company taking the grain then pays AgPerspective, and we pay the producer.  For our clients, this also means they enjoy centralization of grain returns and payment from a single source, which simplifies cash management.

Partner with highly experienced risk managers who understand the role crop insurance should play as part of your marketing strategy.  Crop insurance has become an increasingly important and integral part of the successful producer’s marketing plan.  Federal Crop Insurance and private products now offer opportunities to protect both yield and price up to the 95% level, which places policy trigger prices high enough to give savvy marketers a true foundation to trade around.  AgPerspective’s staff of agents and marketing consultants have the knowledge and expertise to advise you how.

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